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Let’s Explore The Delhi Diaries !

Delhi, The capital of India. The beautiful city of several empires.

A Memorable Travel Experience to Delhi

Delhi-the capital city of India, and one can truly regard it as heart of the nation. It is popular for its enriched culture and heritage, and the city also hosts some of the famous historical monuments. The cultural impact of the Mughal, the ancient India and the British can be clearly seen Throughout the whole city. It is true that pollution problems exist in the city and it’s also a bit too overcrowded but also there are many beautiful gardens in the city that provide opportunity to walk leisurely in the midst of greenery away from the busy city. In my opinion, The Mughal part gives the capital its historical vibe and the British part makes it look like modern developed city. There are countless places to visit in Delhi but some of the major tourist attractions include Akshardham Temple, India Gate, Qutub Minar, Iron Pillar and many others. Our visit to Akshardham Temple, it was a wonderful experience as we were travelling in the metro for the first time. The metro was just clean and beautiful as it should be. Akshardham is world’s largest comprehensive Hindu temple, which occupies 100 acres of
land including parking area. Akshardham is a temple of Swami Narayana and his idol has been made with a single stone (it’s a pleasure and astonishing experience to see it). Cameras are not allowed inside the
temple, so we clicked some pictures in the premises od the temple. There is also a Boat House, Museum, Small Park, Yoga hall and Boating near the temple for entertainment purposes.
The capital city is divided into two section popularly known as Purani Dilli or Old Delhi and Nayi Dilli or New Delhi. The Old Delhi is popular for its ancient culture and monuments along with its overcrowded gastronomical lanes, though this part of Delhi has become extremely crowded yet it symbolizes the heart of the city. On its contrast, the New Delhi has a pleasant vibe to the twisted streets of Old Delhi. Enriched with history and culture, the impressive avenues and imperial buildings of New Delhi are all included in the list of tourist attractions. Talking about other tourist attraction includes Humayu’s Tomb, Gandhi Ji’s Delhi home, the site where he was assassinated, Amar Jawan Jyoti and Raj Ghat are all important part of city’s history located in New Delhi and also a large number of tourists visit them admire their beauty. The infrastructure of the heart of the nation is very well designed and planned. Delhi is well connected with the neighbouring regions and other major cities of India through all modes of transports such as airways, railways and roadways. The overly hectic traffic of New Delhi remains busy and chaotic because of increased population and vehicles. When hiring a taxi, one needs to negotiate on fare to fare within the city. We can also opt or the safest and quickest mode of transport-the Metro Rail to travel across the city and to its nearby regions. The Metro of the city gives the vibes as if we are in a first world country because of its beautiful, neat and modern looks. It’s a must visit city and everyone should must visit it once, but at the same time you have to know properly about the city and its people.
After that, we went to visit the monument for which everyone comes to Delhi, the Qutub Minar. We went to it by metro, the distance from metro station to Qutub Minar is 1km. We have to go either on a Camel or an elephant or an auto. We went for the elephant; the ride was just amazing and memorable. Qutub Minar occupies an area of 150acres.
History of Qutub Minar was inscripted on the stones and there were flower shops that sold a variety of flowers near it. We also went to the Great India Place, it is the 2 nd largest shopping mall of Asian Continent which has a car showroom. Actually, it’s too large, so they have battery cars to go around the mall! It also has as a small amusement park.

The Delhi Sultanate was established by Qutub-ad-Din Azbak. He built the Qutub Minar, Tughlagabad Fort, in this time city became a centre fir Culture.
The Mughal Empire ruled for three centuries. The fifth Mughal Emperor Shah Johan built the city of Shahjahanabad within Delhi’s landmark, Red fort & Jama Masjid is also built. And last Delhi was captured by the British East India Company.
Beautiful Fusion of Cities Surajkund, Lalkot, Siri, Tughlagabad is built by Mohammad Bin Tughlag, Ferozabad, Shahjahadab, Lal Qila & The Chandni Chowk was also built by the Shah Jahan. This Delhi is also known as Old Delhi. Delhi the city built by the British Government. New Delhi celebrated 100 years of serving as India’s National Capital. In Delhi you can find different type of languages like Khariboli, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, English. Famous & Delhi’s representative Fort are:-
Red Fort, Rastrapati Bhaavn, India Gate, Amar Jyoti situpt, Lotus Temple & not last but he least famous Chandani Chowk (with paratha wali gali).

Let’s Travel the taste of Delhi

Let’s Taste Pind Balluchi!!!
Today I was at Pind Balluchi, Near Subhash Place, Pritam Pura, New Delhi.
Pind Balluchi provides the best quality of food to their customer. The way they serve their food is so good. All food items are served in “Pital’s Bartan” that’s look so royal & Delightful. In Pind Balluchi you can find a lot of varieties in Starter, Main Course & Desserts for Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian both. The Environment of Pind Balluchi is so Peaceful & Eco-Friendly. I would like to prefer Pind Balluchi for Balluchi dishes. They provide a Hygienic environment for their customers.

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