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Let’s know about Trippy Dreams!!

Trippy Dreams is about travel to dreams.

Travel is the movement of life where people interact with nature.  Travel can be done with the Foot, Bicycle, Bus, Train, Plane, and Ship or other means. Through travel, you can see the beauty of nature. Travel means to me live nature, Feel the beauty, Silence, Traveling, Food, etc. Through traveling, you can experience the journey of life. We can see what nature gives us. Travel is the way where you find yourself.

Let’s suppose you are not doing well, Your life is going even-odd and life is pushing you to make some extra effort… What you do? You always make that effort… Either You will or you learn… But you never loose… So I am sharing something that is related to life,win,learn,explore and more over live, the phenomenon called Travelling.
Traveling always gives you the life you wanted but you always dream about that, the life you think that is always cheerfull and for the exploring nature.
Let me take You to the moment of what I dreamt off and how I conquered … I started my Journey from Lucknow and my destiny was ladakh, so I decided not to make it very authentic and simple… I added some flavours of my life… And I give those credits to my travel phobia. Now you feel You are riding your bullet inside valleys and mountains … You have your clear vision , Blue sky, a cold air and lots of stuff around you to capture… Feel that movement in your heart and that feeling can always be achieved by Travelling and Learning to Explore.

Trippy DreamsIntroduce Who  I am!


Shweta Pandey here

Welcome to my site. Thank You

I am glad that you checked out my About Us page. I’m Digital
Marketer or a Traveller Blogger. I am happy to help you to grow their own
online business or suggest to go and travel and see the real beauty of nature.

Here, I subscribe to myself what I am and the thing that
defines me every day. Here I can share my feelings, thoughts, dreams and
anything I feel is important in my life.

I am belonging from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh (The CM’s city).